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Mike Vollmert

Oxnard, CA

Mike worked in educational technology in various capacities for over 30 years, as an Oceanography teacher, tech mentor, a site administrator, and as a technology director / CTO (his last deployment was Director of Technology, aka Chief Disruption Officer, for Rio School District).  He is currently the president of Gold Coast CUE and chairs the CUE Affiliate / Learning Network Committee. He co-founded EdCamp Rio, ran CUE rOxnard (Rockstar Teacher Camp, Oxnard) for the last three years, and has dallied as a Lead Learner, facilitator, and presenter at various events throughout California.  He wrote two Digital High School Grants, developed an Oceanography curriculum, and facilitated development of a vision for integrating technology and curriculum in three school districts.  Currently retired (but not dead), he hasn’t quite figured this gig out - he still works with school districts and still works with CUE, but instead of heading into his day job each morning, spends what spare time he can muster exploring the wilds of the southwestern US, building guitars and doing other “maker stuff” in his workshop, riding his bikes (well, there are roads and mountains)…. There’s only so much time each day, so he doesn’t sleep much.  He's a CETPA Certified CTO, has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from UC Santa Barbara, an MBA from California Lutheran University, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from UCLA.  He's also a Sifu (master teacher) and 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.  Follow him on Twitter:  @Vollmert805.